Beet Salad


Our experienced, organized staff prepares delicious food that is presented beautifully and on time. We understand that when planning for special events, no details can be overlooked.


When planning our menus, we strive to select foods that will be at the peak of their season, and whenever possible, to source products locally, providing our clients with the freshest, tastiest dishes. Our presentation is best described as modern, elegant, and artistic.


Tray passed hors d’oeuvres

Bite sized finger food- An array of big flavors presented in small bites- elegant and fun.

Buffet, Seated and Family style meals

Our menus evolve with the seasons and are customized for the situation. We cater to your ideas and plans and decide what service style might best suit your wishes and your budget.

Locations and Venues

We treat every event as a project and understand that what works in one space may require entirely different planning in another. We work with you to find a creative menu that will work perfectly regardless of the venue.


With this lower-cost alternative to full-service catering, we’ll bring you our fabulous food on gorgeous platters without the expense of a serving staff. We’ll even set it up for you, making it easy to host on a budget.

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